Why is this pot different?



We are introducing Air Prune Pots into our container tree production and we are thrilled to tell you all about them!

Circling or spiraling roots has always been an issue in the container tree industry but thanks to some innovative thinking, Air Prune Pots are here to solve this problem! Circling or spiraling roots are caused when the roots reach the limits of the pot and continue to grow around the perimeter of the container. These roots cause a spiral growth habit and can potentially choke the tree and kill it. Air Prune Pots are a great way to curb this issue and promote better growth over all. The cut outs along the sides of the pot allow air flow through the container and prevent the roots from forming into this less than productive mass. This air flow essentially “prunes” the root by stopping it from growing any further outward. The roots that get “pruned” send more fibrous roots along the length of themselves and in turn create a more dense and strong root structure. The increased number of fibrous roots lead to better absorption of nutrients and water and create a healthier tree overall. These fibrous roots also contribute to better survival of the tree once it is planted as they are more likely to spread out and thrive in the long term.