New and Exciting Perennials at AVK

Below is an excerpt from Darlene VanderKruk's letter to our customers, spring 2018. Darlene is the manager of the perennial department at AVK Nursery.



Every year new perennials are introduced into the industry and every year I get excited to receive my new catalogues. I quickly go through them exclaiming over each new one I find. Then comes the hard part... I have to decide which ones we at AVK, would like to bring to you our customers. I go back and forth and finally decide which ones to bring in.

Today I am going to give you a bit of insight into the new and exciting introductions.

First and foremost are the Proven Winners®. We are growing quite a few of them. I am happy to report that we will have a new PW Echinacea. It’s called LAKOTA™ ‘Santa Fe’. It is grown from seed and flowers in shades of reddish-orange all the way to pinkish red. It is a shorter Echinacea which I like as it can be placed towards the front of the garden. Usually they are hidden at the back due to their height. This wonderful Echinacea can be placed front and centre! I think it’s a perfect fit here at our nursery.

We have also started growing PW Daylilies. I know a Daylily is a Daylily! That’s what I thought too, but I have been converted. We are growing ‘Nosferatu’ which translates to vampire. When you think of vampires you think of darkness. This Daylily is a truly dark purple. It is somewhat shorter than other Daylilies which makes it a great fit for today’s smaller gardens. I have also found that the sun does not bleach out the colour. It is worthy of the Proven Winners® distinction. We have been growing ‘Going Bananas’ for a few years because of its striking yellow flower colour. We are also bringing in ‘Primal Scream’. It is amazing in its colouring; tangerine-orange, with ruffled and twisted petals. When it flowers it is truly spectacular! All of these Daylilies belong to the RAINBOW RHYTHM® Series.

On to the Heucheras... We have been growing Proven Winners® Heucheras for many years. Dan and I have a favourite: DOLCE® ‘Cinnamon Curls’. We have planted it in our own gardens and we enjoy it immensely. Some of our new cultivars this year are also from the DOLCE® Series; ‘Appletini’ which is a beautiful lime green with bright, red flowers and ‘Silver Gumdrop’ which is a smaller cultivar that has silver, iridescent leaves and vibrant pink flowers. Very striking in contrasts. There are many wonderful non-branded Heucheras as well. This year we will be growing Indian Summer™ ‘Coralberry’ which is a nice pink with ruffled leaves. This is a new and improved version of ‘Berry Smoothie’. I could go on forever about the Heucheras we grow. I absolutely love them! We have yellows, greens, pinks, oranges, burgundies, purples, blacks, caramels and reds!!! When I look down the greenhouse during the summer it is stunning!

These are just a few of the new perennials we will have growing this coming season. If you order any of them, I guarantee you will be very satisfied.